Volunteering at Signum

We invite schoolchildren, students and experts to join the large and friendly Signum team.

What is volunteering?

Volunteering at Signum is an activity for the benefit of the development of humanities and philosophy, assistance in the implementation of scientific and socially significant projects, the development of personal professional skills and the development of new professions.

There are many directions in Signum that cover a variety of fields of humanitarian knowledge, any help and participation will be useful to us.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers help Signum in the implementation of projects, organize lecture hall events, design, write texts and research, create and develop their own projects.

What will Signum give?

Signum is not only a philosophical enlightenment, but also a forge of personnel. We provide training, provide constant support, and help in the implementation of our own ideas within the framework of Signum. In addition, you can get a letter of recommendation for a portfolio that will help with admission to a university or an internship.

What are the requirements for volunteers?

We don’t have strict criteria. If you feel that participation in the life of Signum will benefit you, you want to learn new things and are in solidarity with our values, write to us, and we will definitely find something for you to do.

How to become a volunteer?

It is enough to send a request on this page with the completed data about yourself.
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